The Aldo Massola Scrapbook


Aboriginal Relics in Victoria (pdf file)
Transcription of the 1963 Australian Natural History article.

Central Victorian Aboriginal Weapons (pdf file)
The 1962 Australian Natural History article.

Australian Aboriginal Art (epub file)
Illustrated presentation incorporating material prepared for the Victorian Council of Adult Education in 1961.

The Grampians (zip file)
A frequent destination of Aldo's field trips was the Grampians mountain range in western Victoria where he worked with locals to identify and protect many sites of Indigenous cultural significance. This video file contains 24 of his colour slides taken in the area in the 1960s.

Man, Religion and Art (pdf file)
As a student of Leonhard Adam, Aldo was also well versed more broadly in Primitive and Asiatic Art, indeed acting as a professional consultant in the field. Here, in discussion notes written for the Council of Adult Education dated May 1965, he touches upon this "second speciality".

Book Reviews (epub file)
From 1968 to 1975 Aldo was a frequent contributor to the literary review pages of the Melbourne Age where he critiqued numerous books on anthropological and related subjects. All 31 of these articles, some covering more than one book, can be found in this ebook.

The Land of Manfred (pdf file)
A deleted chapter of Italian Interlude. Taken from an earlier draft of the manuscript, these pages fill in part of the trip between Naples and Rome.

On Fish and Aquaria (epub file)
In his younger days Aldo was an avid aquarist; Honorary Secretary of the Aquarium Society of Victoria and winner of numerous breeding awards. In this "book that might have been", drawn from articles published in the 1930s and '40s, he provides a brief history of aquarium-keeping and describes not only his own experiences and experiments with the hobby, including encounters on a fish-collecting expedition to Singapore, but also the state and locality of aquatic species of contemporary Victoria and Australia, making for a fascinating time capsule.